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Villa Grassina / Culture & Traditions

Villa Grassina: genuine products

Genuine products such as wine, olive oil, cheese, bread and other typical products, each one with their own characteristics typical of the Tuscan country kitchen.
We invite our guests to join us on our weekly guided tour where you have the possibility to try these delicacies as well as get to know the history, customs and agricultural production in this area.
We visit the family chapel, our olive oil cellar and to finish, wine tasting of local Chianti wines accompanied with tasty appetisers from our estate and other local farms.

Villa Grassina, 12th Century to present day

Originally built as a guard’s tower in the early Medieval period by the powerful landowners, the Conti Guidi family from Romagna, who at the time owned most of the territory east of Florence leading across the Casentino Valley as far as Arezzo. The tower was overseen by a local family, Da Quona and later in 1229 it transpired to become part of the estate of the nearby Abbey of Vallombrosa.
Between the 13th and 16th Centuries due to economic difficulties the landowners were forced to give up these houses and it was only the nobility and wealthy families from Florence that could afford to run them. Aristocrats, Dei Buondelmonti from Florence bought Villa Grassina and over a period of time increased the volume of the estate joining together the farm buildings, transforming the property into a Baroque style villa, typical of the 17th Century. It was inherited by Marchesi Ferroni and then it was passed down to the family Sansoni -Trombetta who were responsible for building the 2 farmhouses and family chapel.
The 1930’s saw the beginning of the decline of Villa Grassina, when the agricultural activity could no longer support the general upkeep of the estate and maintenance of the villa, finally resulting in it being completely abandoned. In 1991 the present owners bought the villa in it’s collapsed condition with severe structural defects and set about restoring and reinforcing the property to bring it back to it’s original splendour, one of the finest examples of 17th Century villas in this region.

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