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Villa Grassina / Culture & Traditions / Farm products


Villa Grassina consists of 53 hectares of forest and agricultural land which is of a hilly nature, situated at an altitude of 420 metres above sea level. The importance of agriculture and the relationship between man and land is still preserved as in the roots of the peasant farming culture and today still helps to upkeep the agricultural landscape.

Land of wine, oil, cheese, bread and many other typical products each characterized by it's own flavour, based on the authenticity of these products and our farming culture. The importance of preserving the environment has led the farm to make choices regarding energy saving systems, reduction of polluting emissions, the introduction of organic farming and as a result is a farm with a low impact on the environment.

The farm has a photovoltaic system for the production of electrical energy, thermal solar panels for hot water for the swimming pool and a boiler fueled by biomass for hot water and heating.
In our shop, apart from our own products you can purchase a selection of wines and Chianti Rufina wines and other local handicraft products available from the best local producers.

Our territory consists of:
18 acres coppice forest
16 acres of olive groves
15 acres tall forests and mixed terrain
2 acres of fruit trees
1 acre vegetable garden


Villa Grassina Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bio

Our olive oil is extracted using a cold press system using three different varieties of selected olives (Frantoio, Maraiolo & Leccino).

The olives are picked by hand in the month of November and are pressed within 36 hours of picking.
We have a total of 5400 trees grown in a particular terrain and the climatic altitude make it suitable for producing an excellent olive oil.

An extra virgin olive oil full of fragrance and freshness, long shelf life, and low acidity.
The fragrance, aroma, fruity taste of medium intensity with notes of herbs, almonds, and artichokes is slightly bitter and peppery and together with the unmistakable intense deep emerald green colour, creating an oil that reflects the characteristics of a good Tuscan olive oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tuscan I.G.P. Florence Hills, Villa Grassina Bio

"Extra Virgin Tuscan Olive Oil Protected Geographical Indication" means buying an excellent product controlled at every stage of production, in accordance with the rules laid down by the disciplinary consortium of Olio IGP Toscano, which guarantees the quality and traceability at every stage of production and corresponds to specific parameters that characterize quality.

So much so that our olive oil was chosen as one of the "Selection of best olive oils in the Region of Tuscany 2011-2012".

Tuscan Honey Villa Grassina

The mild climate, the countryside with its numerous blooms, proximity to the forest, low pollution make the area around Villa Grassina ideal for a of good honey production.

We produce mainly "Millefiori", a wildflower honey, fluid in consistency and grainy with a sweet taste and slighlt bitter aftertaste. The other two varieties are niche products such as "Acacia" honey, light yellow in colour and almost transparent with a delicate flavour and "Chestnut" honey, dark in color with a bitter flavour and an aroma reminiscent of the forest.

Jams and Preserves

The restoration of the old chestnut forest on the farm, in addition to planting other typical fruit trees has led to a production of different types of jams which are on sale in our shop. Small niche products such as quince, fig and strawberry jams and other products made from chestnuts such as chestnuts in Chianti wine, chestnuts in coffee syrup, chestnuts with Vin Santo and honey, and chestnut cream spread made with chocolate and rum. Together with our Villa olives prepared from an old country recipe originally made by the local country farm wives.

    • Chestnuts with Cocoa and Rum Bio

    • Chestnuts 65%, whole cane sugar, cocoa 3%, walnuts, pine nuts, rum 1%.

    • Villa Olives Bio

    • Olives 70%, salt, orange oil, extra virgin olive oil 25%, lemon, spices.

    • Italian Honey

    • Farmhouse Villa Grassina honey

    • Quince Jam Bio

    • Quinces 56%, water, lemon, sugar.

    • Fig Jam Bio

    • Figs 65%, lemon, sugar, Villa Grassina.

    • Corbezzolo Jam Bio

    • 65% arbutus, lemon, sugar.

    • Chestnuts in Syrup

    • Roasted Chestnuts 34%, water, whole cane sugar, 1% coffee, rum.

    • Chestnuts in Red Wine

    • 50% red wine, roasted chestnuts 34%, whole cane sugar 16%, spices.

    • Chestnuts with Vin Santo and Honey

    • Vin santo 53%, roasted chestnuts 34%, honey 13%.

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